sand blasterOne of the best ways for repairing and cleaning rough surfaces is through abrasive blasting. Abrasive blasting, or sandblasting, is actually a process wherein a machine is used to propel a stream of abrasive material to a surface under a very strong pressure. This process is done in order to smooth out rough surfaces and to remove any surface contaminants. A sand blaster is used in a form of pressurized fluid and air in order to propel the substances. There are several types of blasting processes including bead blasting, sodablasting and sand blasting.

The different types of blasting

The most common type of blasting is the wet abrasive blasting. This type of blasting involves the use of extremely fine media with densities of steel to plastic then pressurizing it with hot water and soap. The process will then be able to degrease and blast dust as well as any of the silicacious materials without damaging the product. This process is often used in the removal of radioactive, poisonous and asbestos products which can ultimately lead to decontamination. This type of blasting can be used in different processes including the cleaning of hand cabinets, automated machinery and walk in booths. The blasting process can actually be fast and the dryness will depend on the type of media used. The use of water mixed with the media enables fast cleansing and the mix serves as a cushion as the sand is blown on it. There will be no clinging of dust on the blasted surface since the strong pressure will be able to blow out any contaminants especially when it comes to carbon and stainless steel items.

Wheel blasting and bead blasting

Another form of removing unnecessary dust particles in solid surfaces is wheel blasting. This process involves the use of centrifugal force in order to remove any contaminants. It typically utilizes airless blasting without any propellant. This means that there is no longer a need for any gas or liquid materials since the cleansing media is only air. There is only the use of several abrasive materials such as in similar sized pellets and stainless steel shots. The size and strength of the blasts depends on the size of the machine used. Similar to wheel blasting, bead blasting also utilizes compressed air. The only difference is that in bead blasting there is the addition of high pressure and fine glass beads. The glass beads are used to clean calcium deposits often found in pool tiles and it can also be used in removing fungus growth in walls and tiles. Bead blasting can also be used for removing paint.

Micro-abrasive and dry ice blasting

Micro abrasive blasting involves the use of small nozzles while will be delivering fine stream of abrasive material around 1.5 mm in diameter. This form of blasting is very accurate and it specifically used for delicate cleaning. Usually, micro-abrasive blasting is used in delicate computer parts and in artworks. The most common unit for micro-abrasive blasting is a simple machine with a power supply, mixer, nozzle and the cleansing agent. Along with micro-abrasive cleansing people also utilize dry ice blasting wherein dry ice and air are used in a huge mass in order to cleanse various products without damaging the items.

The Tools used in Cleansing

One of the major tools which are used for blasting is the portable blast machine. This machine is typically an air compressor which can release high volumes of pressure into single shots. The blast tool is often connected to a mixer which mixes abrasive materials before dispersing it to the target. In order to control the blasts, users will often add a blast cabinet and a nozzle. The blast cabinet actually recycles the abrasive and loops the system so that no abrasive material will be wasted. Such are the tools in blasting.

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